Performing an Entertaiment

Performing an entertaiment can be a fun experience. Whether it’s a show, a zoo, or a circus, performing an entertaiment gives people a chance to enjoy themselves. It also gives people the opportunity to get close to animals that aren’t normally close to humans.


Historically, zoos have been an entertainment venue for humans. However, in contemporary times, zoos have become important sites of biodiversity conservation and education. These goals are often paired with the entertainment aspect of zoos, resulting in a hybrid structure.

The first zoo was built in Egypt in 1500 BC by Queen Hatshepsut. This zoo was a combination of art, architecture and animals from across the world. The garden was open only to members and had more than 100,000 visitors in its first year.


Those who work as zookeepers in a zoo may work with many different species. They can be involved in research and field work, raising rare animals, or conducting demonstrations. They may also help veterinarians with animal care.

Those who work as zookeepers must have strong physical and mental strength to perform their duties. They may be attacked by animals while they are working in enclosures. They also need to have good communication skills. They must be able to interact with a variety of people from different ages and nationalities.

Animals in captivity

Keeping animals in captivity for entertainment is a questionable and unnatural practice. Some animals are able to be kept in relatively good health in captive conditions, but most do not.

As more and more studies are conducted and new research is made, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are numerous disadvantages to keeping animals in captivity for entertainment. Some animals are forced to do things they do not naturally do. Some animals are injured, and many others suffer from severe psychological disorders.