What Is Law?


Law is the system of rules that regulates society. It includes both the enforceable and unenforceable codes of conduct, customary laws, and judicial decisions that impose or interpret a common set of values and principles. Laws may be established by governments or other private entities, and are usually enforced by police and courts. The law is generally publicized, stable, and transparent and provides for property, contract, and procedural rights. Its enforcement is accessible, fair and efficient, and reflects the makeup of society. Law is based on the concepts of good and evil, justice (proper distribution of goods/privileges/burdens), and human rights.

In addition to civil and criminal laws, there are various types of law – namely administrative, constitutional, military, international, and natural – and many different legal systems. However, all legal systems share some basic features – a constitution, a judge or a jury, and a legal code.

The word law is also used to refer to the general idea of the laws and commands of God imposed by scripture: for example, “the commandment of the Lord” or the “law of Moses”. It can also be seen as an umbrella term for any kind of restrictive social control that is imposed by government or by authority: censorship; crime and punishment; war; etc.

Law is a complex and fascinating subject to study. It involves a lot of research, writing and debate – especially on the topic of how law should be enforced in the real world. Those who study law often find themselves engaged in controversy over topics such as how the law should reflect reality, whether judges should be above politics and other such issues of philosophical importance.

There are many ways to study the law, from studying the history of different legal systems and their development through to analyzing specific areas of the law such as torts, contracts, constitutional law and immigration. Law is also the basis of many careers, including that of a lawyer whose job it is to advise people about the law and represent them in court cases. Those who are adamant about pursuing a career in law should have a clear idea of what area of the law they want to specialize in and should have a good understanding of the relevant legal codes and practices. An important part of the preparation for a career in law is to write a law review essay, which is an opportunity to demonstrate a student’s ability to research and write effectively. A law review essay is a type of academic research paper that is submitted to a law journal and is then reviewed by other scholars in the field. These reviews can help the author of the essay refine and improve the piece before it is published. The first step in preparing a law review essay is to decide on a research question. This should be an area of the law that interests the writer and which is likely to attract the attention of the legal academy as a whole.